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Sturmey Archer Toggle chain                                                                                 4.00



Sturmey Archer indicator Guard                                         1.00



Sturmey Archer Locking Washer                                         0.75


Fulcrum clip for top tube                                                     4.00                                                                                    


Sturmey Archer left hand nut                                                   1.50



Sturmey Archer Chain Stay Fulcrum clips                          3.50


Sturmey Archer Trigger 3 speed                                            9.00



Sturmey Archer standard right hand nut                             2.00

Stuemey Archer sprockets available in 14-22 tooth                    4.00

Choose sprocket
Sturmey Archer Gear Cables complete with anchorage bolt      7.00                                 

Sturmey Archer 3 Speed internal Gear Hub come complete with All fitting ,sprocket, cable & trigger etc..                                                                   Ref: ZAW              55.95                                                                                                    

Sturmey Archer Front Hub with 70mm drum brake                                     Ref:ZX-FD                                      45.00                                                                  




Sturmey Archer 5 Speed internal Gear Hub with 70mm Drum brake Hub Shell Material -A356 Aluminum                                                           Ref:ZX-RD5               129.00                                                          


Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal gear hub with 70mm Drum Brake . Steel Hub Shell material -SPCC Steel                                                                            Ref:ZX-RD3                                     85.00                                                                


Sturmey Archer XRF8 8 Speed Hub                                      150

8 Speed Internal Gear Hub no Brake (Freewheel)

Sturmey Archer XRD8 8 Speed Drum Brake                        160.00

8 Speed Internal Gear Hub with 70mm Drum Brake

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