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New Spare (Pattern) Parts & Price List  

We Ship World Wide . We accept only PayPal for the payment form oversea customer and we will Ship to verify address only

            Please Note: Post and Packing cost show in Spare parts listing here is only for single item. We always offer combine postage with large order and we will post them together.

       Overseas Customer: Please Email us first for shipping cost before place your order, because postage cost in this listing is for UK delivery only and because to ship aboard of the parcel weigh over 2 kilogram will be more expensive. we are more than happy to ship world wide and we will do our best to find a company that can offer the best value for the money to handle your parcel.

New Spare (Pattern) Parts & Price List

Brake Blocks for calliper brake (Two Pair) £5.00





Brake Blocks for Rod brakes. (set of four)

Suitable for Westwood rim wheel with Rod brake

 set up.                                                                                          £5.00



Brake Blocks for Raleigh Pattern Rod brakes. (set of four)

Suitable for replacement bicycle that used westtrick rim pattern         Raleigh, Rudge etc                          £8.00                                                              

Front Brake cable complete with black outer cable cover        £3.00


Rear Brake cable complete with black outer cable cover          £3.00


Two Old fashion Brake levers for cable brakes                     £6.00






Complete set of Brake calipers with two brake cables/levers and brake block (front & rear)        £20.00                                                                       

                                                                                   Brake calipers



Brake set   (Raleigh Type) Centre pull action Calipers/Rod guides with 4 brake block 



Raleigh brake set



Complete Rod Brake set (Phillips type) side full action     

Calipers / Rod & guides with 4 brake blocks  


                     Phillips brake set




Rod brake handle bar  (Raleigh type) SOLD OUT

Center pull action for both front and rear brake


Raleigh Rod brake handlebar


Complete Rod Brake handle bar (Phillips type)                £20.00      

Center Pull for front brake and Side Pull action for rear brake

  Phillips rod brake handlebar




Alloy Northroad Handlebar                                                 £15.00Northroad




Northroad Handlebar Chrome Plated Steel                     £15.00




Raleigh (Pattern)          

Bottom Bracket 26 TPI cups /lockring & bearings    £5.50 

Bottom bracket



Phillips (Pattern) Bottom Bracket 24 TPI cups /lockring & bearings                                                                      £4.50

 Bottom bracket

Axle cottered                                                             £4.00

Quality chain 1/2"X 1 1/8 for Suitable for Single speed and  Sturmey Archer 3speed                                                                              £5.00




Chrome plated steel complete Cottered Chain set 

Heron Head  46 tooth    





Cotter Pins imperial (pair)                                                         £2.00



18 Tooth Freewheel         £5.00

A pairs of Chain tensioner  / Chain tug                                   £1.50 Pairs


Metal Half round Chain guard for Ladies Model                                 Include fitting kit                                         £8.50             Half round




Black Fully Enclosed Chain Guard For 26" wheel  

Include the fitting kit                                              £18.00


Fully enclosed




Please NOTE: fully enclosed guards will only fit frames with rear fork stays with nut and bolt fitting. (Removable rear frame stay)

Mudguard reflectors  suitable for Classic ,Vintage bicycle     

                                                                                        £3.00mr001.jpg (63909 bytes)







A Pairs of  26" Wheel Metal Mudguard Raleigh pattern with chrome nose

 Made In England.  (available in Black only)     





we stocked brand new and used Westwood rim, Westwood wheel also we can build wheel to order, 

if you can't find What's do you want please send your inquiries to cyclesofyesteryear@hotmail.com

 Tel:+44 ( 0)20 8398 8666  (Tuesday- Saturday 10.00A.M.-5.00P.M.)       

Rim descriptions shown are SS=Stainless Steel, CP=Chromium Plated Steel

26"x13/8 Westwood 36 spokes complete front wheel  (CP)                                                                                                 £35.00

26"x13/8 Westwood rear wheel Chromium Plated Steel                        with 3 speed AW hub Only (Not include Fitting kit)             £75.00



26"x13/8 Westwood 36 spokes Rear wheel for single speed Chromium Plated Steel                                                                      £35.00


26"x 1 3/8 Complete Westwood wheel 3 speed AW Hub complete with sprocket, cable, trigger Toggle chain & Anchorage bolt               £85.00                                                                           




26x1 3/4  Westwood rim Chromium Plated Steel complete Front wheel                                                                                                    £35.00

26x1 3/4  Westwood rim Chromium Plated Steel complete rear wheel  for single speed                                                                   £35.00


26 x 1 1/2 Westwood rim complete Front wheel                                 £35.00


26 x 1 1/2complete Rear wheel for single speed                              £35.00


28"x 1 1/2  Complete Westwood  front wheel (CP)            

Chromium Plated Steel                                                £35.00         




28"x 1 1/2  complete Westwood Rear Wheel for single speed (CP)   

Chromium Plated Steel        £35.00                                                                                                   


28"x 1 1/2  Westwood rear wheel build with 3 speed AW Sturmey  Archer Hub, Not include Fitting kit (CP)                                                        £80.00



28"x 1 1/2  Westwood wheel build with 3 speed AW Hub come complete with sprocket, cable, trigger Toggle chain & Anchorage                 £90.00     


26" x 13/8 Westwood Chrome plated steel wheel rim 36 hole £10.00                             





28" x 1½ Westwood rim available in 36  hole( Chrome Plated )                                                                                                 £20.00 westwoodwheelrim




26" x 1 3/4 Westwood Chrome plated steel wheel rim 36 hole

Suitable for Butcher/ Delivery Bike and CycleMaster wheel  £17.00








Front steel hub with 32 Hole                                     £5.00


Front steel hub with36 hole                                        £5.00

Rear Hub 40 hole Large barrel                                 £5.00     



                                  For Sturmey Archer Hub we have to offer in our website Please click here

Tyres and Inner tube for All Vintage Bicycle, Classic Roadster, Butcher Bike, Trade Cycles

Tyre 20 x 2 x 1 3/4  Block Section suitable for butcher bike/ trade cycles £7.00 



Schwalbe Puncture Protection Tyre size 26 x 1 3/8 in Cream or Black tyre                                                                                        £15.00

Choose colour

Tyre 24 x 1 3/8  Block Section          £7.50


Tyre 26 x 2 x 1 3/4  For butcher/ delivery bike                       £9.00

Tyre 26 x 1 1/2 Block Section                                                        £7.50 


Tyre28x1 1/2 Block section                                                          £8.50

Tyre 26 x 1 3/8  Economy Block section                                       £5.00




Michelin tyre World tour  Size 26x 1 3/8                              £10.00    

(Available in all Black only)                 



Inner Tube 20"x2x1 3/4, 20"x 1 .75 AV    £3.00

Inner Tube 26" x 1 1/2, 26x1 3/8 , 26x 13/4 woods Vales £3.00
Inner Tube 24" x 1 3/8 AV £3.00


Inner Tube 28" x 1 1/2 AV £3.00


Inner Tube 26"x 1 1/2, 26 x 1 3/8, 26x 1 3/4 AV £3.00


Inner Tube 28" x 1 1/2 Woods Valve  £3.00



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