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Company Information  

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 We want to provide you with the right cycle at a competitive price and quality that will give you years of service.  To help you obtain as much information as possible we have explained the types of bicycles we provide below. We accept personal cheques and most major credit cards. Carriage is currently £25 per bike within the UK mainland. We ship world-wide and charges for other destinations will be advised on receipt of order Please telephone to discuss your order. For overseas custom PayPal  is only the option for transfer the payment. Our full range of cycles, spares and accessories will delivery by Royal mail for overseas customer. We totally rebuild Traditional Ladies and Gentlemen's cycles from the 1950ís or earlier, using the original frame and forks and most of the original components wherever possible. All bicycles are sturdily built to our specifications and assembled at our workshop in Surrey.

                      The well-known brands for restoration include: Raleigh, Triumph, B S A., Hercules, Rudge, Humber etc. We are able to offer a choice of either rod or cable brake models, but you will appreciate that the cycles with rod brakes are more labour intensive to rebuild and in addition there are more components to be sent for plating which is very costly indeed.

                   These machines are completely dismantled. The paintwork is shot blasted, painted and stove enamelled, finally gloss lacquered and coach lined by hand, giving attention to detail at all times. The bright work is re-plated or replaced. New cups and bearings, and wheels rebuilt with new spokes.  Sturmey Archer gearbox serviced or replaced. Fitted with new tyres and tubes, a bell and a pump.

                        If purchasing a cycle as a present for someone then please ensure that a "safe " contact telephone number is given as we will need to contact you to make delivery arrangements and don't want to spoil your surprise.

 "How to measure the frame Size". 

              From the top of the seat tube to the centre of the axle. This is ideal if you have an old cycle (or a friends) to check in order to help you determine the correct size that you need. Also have a look at the tyres which will give you the size of the wheel but buying a bike of the correct size is not just about the height from the ground. As bikes get bigger height-wise, they also get longer. The distance from the saddle to the handle bars increases by on average 1" for every 2" increment in frame size. So you must also make sure that though you may be able to stand astride a bigger framed bike, that you can still comfortably reach the handlebars and manage all the controls. Remember that the saddles on all bikes are adjustable by between 4" and 10" so any bike can be tailored to fit you perfectly.

In addition we also supply:

The Classic Range

      We have reproduced these traditional Ladies and Gents classic bicycles to the characteristic style of the 1930ís, hand-built from traditional materials. 

         These models come in a variety of frame sizes to suit, have comfortable sprung saddles and traditional raised handlebars with rod brakes, chain guard, hand pump, bell and fitted with Sturmey Archer gears as standard.

Used Cycle Stock

        We have a selection of used stock either for restoration from £50 upwards or for cycles which have been repaired and that are in roadworthy condition from about £70 upwards.

To See our current stock list by this link  


Spare Parts and Accessories

 We have a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories for sale and you can browse through the lists on the appropriate page from  






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